My Favorite (Foodie) Things

It’s been a minute since I made like Oprah and revealed My Favorite (Foodie) Things, but this year I’ve decided to resurrect the tradition with My Favorite (Foodie) Things – COVID Edition. Here are the Baker’s Dozen of gifts I think the culinary savants in your life would appreciate receiving this Christmas.

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if you’re measuring by volume, you’re doing it wrong. A kitchen scale is an essential tool for the professional baker.
  2. For the foodie who misses upscale restaurant dishes but doesn’t have hours and hours of prep time at home, Jacques Pepin – Quick and Simple is a guide to preparing “achievable yet impressive fare.”
  3. This Book Bone helps you hold down the pages of your cookbook while you slice and dice.
  4. When you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, the Echo Show can be a great helper. It enables cooks to make grocery lists, look up recipes, listen to music, or even watch TV while they work.
  5. For the baker who has jumped on that pie trend, this Apple Peeler makes life a lot easier.
  6. Food is only as good as the quality of your ingredients. For that reason, I use Barton Springs Mill Flour, which is made right here in Texas! They offer subscription programs and gift cards for discerning bakers.
  7. Finally achieve the perfect proof with these bread proofing baskets.
  8. My trusty Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven is the perfect vessel for my delicious Sourdough Breads.
  9. Go homemade and gift the aspiring bread baker a sourdough starter.
  10. The cook who’s up at the crack of dawn preparing holiday meals needs a good shot of caffeine, and Black Rifle Coffee Company has the fuel to keep you going. Bonus: it’s veteran-owned.
  11. Get rid of all those unwanted cooking smells that linger long after the meal has ended with Crane Candles. Made right here in Coppell, they smell amazing and can even be personalized (we’re partial to the one that says “BAKER”). Just don’t burn scented candles during your meal – that’s a foodie faux pas.
  12. Lighten the mood at your holiday table with a quirky food-related face mask.
  13. Hone your skills from the safety of your home with a Virtual Baking Class hosted by Yours Truly!

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