Today is an exciting day in my career – I got my first liquid nitrogen tank.  I’ll be using it to make maple pecan ice cream for 200 on Superbowl Sunday.

I start with a standard anglaise base of egg yolks, dairy, and sugar (in this case, maple syrup).  The liquid nitrogen boils vigorously at room temperature, saving me a lot of whisking.  Once it reaches a soft-serve consistency, I throw in some nuts, or even marshmallows, and hand it off to the watching crowd.

Several American staples will round out the menu: white chocolate and cherry cookies, shortbread and buttercream cookies, and rice crispy treats with a hint of ancho chili spice.  Afterwards I will present fresh donut holes, goat cheese panna cotta “dreamsicles”, and, on center stage, me with my new tank of LN2.

I also dreamed up several more adventurous flavor and color combinations while creating my Superbowl menu, including Wisconsin cheddar ice cream served alongside avocado/wasabi ice cream for the Packers fans, or black sesame ice cream paired with banana/curry sorbet for the Steelers crowd.  But those will have to wait for another year.

For more unusual Superbowl Sunday ideas check out yesterday’s Eatocracy segment on CNN, featuring Chef Richard Blais.  Enjoy the game!

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