Joe the Baker Review: Korin Knives

Togiharu Molybdenum G-1 Gyutou

Recently, Korin Fine Japanese Tableware and Chef Knives asked me to test and review some products for them.  I was already in the market for a new chef knife, so of course I was eager to help.  They asked me a few expert questions about how I use knives, what sizes I prefer, and how I maintain my knives, then sent me a 270mm Togiharu Molybdenum G-1 Gyutou and a 360mm Togiharu Patissier Knife.  I used these knives exclusively for two weeks to get a feel for them.  

Togiharu G-1 Molybdenum Guytou: The form of this knife is beautiful; the weight is perfectly balanced, creating a fluid rhythm that makes knifework a pleasure.  I used this knife for breads, cakes, meat, meticulous cuts, and general prep work, and never had an issue with this knife sticking, skidding, or pinching.   The G-1 just glides right throughany product.  It has a wide heel and no bulky bolster, so it is also efficient at creaming garlic and flattening fruits.  After two weeks, the knife hasn’t lost any of its edge – it is still razor sharp every time.   

Togiharu Patissier KnifeTogiharu Patissier Knife: I love that Korin has a patissier knife.  Patissier knives are defined by a long, impossibly thin blade with a razor sharp edge that will cleanly portion any pastry with absolute precision.  Korin’s 360 millimeter blade is long enough to one-slice a cake up to 14 inches in diameter.  In spite of its length, it never feels unwieldy, making it the best knife for my pastry tool kit.  The handle is easy to hold and it is deceptively light and elegant.  It handled well no matter how cold or sticky the pastry I portioned, and maintained heat when needed for perfect slices of custards and cakes.  I truly believe that every pastry professional should own one.
While I am comfortable sharpening my knives, I did not do so during this trial.  Korin’s knife master, Mr. Chiharu Sugai, had already whittled them to a fine edge; a service he provides to all Korin customers.  Neither knife has shown any wear despite my teaching, consulting, and general home cooking use for the past two weeks.  Arigatou gozaimasu, Mr. Sugai.
All in all, I doubt you can find a better knife without having one custom-made.  I highly recommend Korin for their superior customer service and amazing products. 

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