Introducing… the Macmallow

I love combining flavors and textures that normally don’t work together. Often it leads to a dead end, but every once in a while you discover something surprising and inspiring.I have an obvious obsession with American desserts and how to improve or rethink them, and have developed a healthy appreciation for a good marshmallow.  I am not referring to the the chalky, heavy, starchy ‘mallows you find at the store, but rather a light, ethereal, marshmallow that dissolves in your mouth. I also have an obsession with macaron that has been clearly demonstrated as of late. 

Put them together and you end up with the most delightful cookie I’ve ever tasted: the Macmallow.

The Macmallow was not a success on my first try. Combining the abundance of sugar and eggs with the lack of flour in these two treats was tricky. It took some experimenting to get the hydrocolloids to bind the meringue; but every time I passed another aisle of Easter Peeps I was motivated to keep trying.

In the end, the hardest part is giving the delicate Macmallow time to rest when it comes out of the oven. This crucial step allows the cookie to cool into a texture that’s equally chewy, gooey marshmallow and crisp, elegant macaron. For added flare, I like to torch the Macmallow before serving.

When very little flour is needed to bind the meringue, the list of macaron flavors become infinite. Imagine the possibilities!

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