The Modern French Macaron

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The French macaron is a true test of a pastry chef’s skills. I had my first French macaron at the birth place, the flagship Laduree in Paris, where the brightly colored rows of almond perfection are truly stunning. One box and my culinary outlook was forever altered.

Like most classics, the French macaron has changed with the times. Traditional French macarons are gluten-free delights made with almond flour. Today, pastry chefs everywhere are changing that idea. My esteemed colleagues are incorporating unusual flavors by changing the flours they use. What was once a delightful pastry with limited application has evolved into the new vogue vessel for flavor.

The idea is simple: mix your new “flour” with almond meal and you can still acheive that classic French macaron shape and texture. Obviously it’s not as easy as it sounds, but with a bit of practice the possibilities are endless.

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