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I highly recommend Joe’s in-home baking classes.  They are the best!!!  I have hosted two.  My book club took a pie class, and my out of town foodie relatives were here for a Pate a Choux class.  Joe is knowledgeable, funny, and a great teacher.  Book Club wants to schedule another class, and Joe will be over for my birthday to teach my family how to make bake something tasty!
-Tammy Boock-Holst

I love to bake and have been eyeing advanced pastry instruction for a while, [but] all I’ve found are places out of town that were prohibitively expensive. I told Joe what I wanted to cover and he developed a curriculum and got all the ingredients. I got one on one instruction in a fully equipped commercial kitchen. But most of all Joe is a great teacher who knows his stuff. If you haven’t guessed by now I think you should take a class from him.
-Jason Druebert

In June 2014 Joe Baker conducted a chef demo at the Coppell Farmers Market on chocolate truffles and tempering chocolate.  We anticipated it would a popular topic and it was!  Joe was a great teacher and professional, yet at ease in front of the crowd.  He explained the process in a way that made us “everyday cooks” feel like we could do this at home.  Which we did.  We can’t wait to have him back again this season!
-Karen Pearsall Gillham, Chairman, Volunteer Committee, Coppell Farmers Market

I had the pleasure of taking a macaron class from Joe while I was in Texas for Christmas. I own my own bakery, so I had very high hopes for this class. I have wanted to introduce macarons into our lineup, but have been intimidated by my previous experiences making these cookies. After taking Joe’s class, I am much more confident in producing such a wonderful product. He taught us techniques that make a consistent, beautiful, and decadent product. He does so in a manner that is easy enough for everybody, novice or professional, to understand. Thanks to Joe, we are now one of the only places in Idaho to offer these wonderful items! Joe more than met my expectations with his class, he exceeded them!
-Aimee Wyatt, Amaru Confections, Boise, Idaho

I was very excited and nervous to have Chef Baker teach some friends and myself about the Italian method of making French macarons. I was excited because I had purchased and enjoyed his French macarons and knew how delicious they were. I was nervous only because I had previously taken a class on French macarons, but each time I attempted them at home I came away in tears because they cracked, they were hollow, and/or they were too crispy… I was able to ask specific questions regarding my past experiences and Chef Baker was so kind and patient to address them so that I could understand them… [now my macarons] have perfect feet and smooth shells. There is not one crack in the bunch. I am beyond pleased that I had the instruction of Chef Baker… on the path to the perfect French macaron.
-Melody Bokmeyer

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