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Apple Pie

Perfect Apple Pie

When temperatures and leaves finally start to fall it’s time for classic comfort foods, and apple pie still reigns supreme.  A flaky yet tender crust bursting with spiced apples is always best when finished with rich butterscotch sauce.  Combine great ingredients, like Churn 84 Butter, with a little skill and […]



My favorite pastries are the ones that never go out of style.  The elaborate desserts created by pioneering chefs without modern machinery are true works of art.  So I’ve decided to indulge my first love and delve deep into my culinary school training with a classics series.  I hope other […]

peach cobbler

Classic Peach Cobbler

  When you find amazing produce, your job is half-done.  Peaches are are best enjoyed at the height of their summer freshness, and a classic peach cobbler is a perfect way to showcase their delicate flavors while keeping the fruits’ integrity.  Top with fresh whipped cream or ice cream and […]

caramel walnut tart

Caramel Walnut Tart

I am always trying to incorporate something new or different into my work, however some things are so classically simple that they shouldn’t be changed.  The caramel walnut tart is one of those desserts that needs no improvement.  What could be better than a crisp golden shell, gently toasted walnuts, […]


Easy As Pie

Whoever popularized the expression “easy as pie” clearly didn’t bake.  Making the perfect pie can be tricky; there are so many ways it can go wrong.  In honor of the pie-baking season, here are some of my solutions for the most common pie problems.  While pie isn’t always “easy,” these […]

Pumpkin Pie

This week, families around the nation are cooking, cleaning, and trying to put their best foot forward for loved ones and guests. In recent days, several people have asked for my guidance about making pumpkin pie from scratch.  I get really excited when people outside of professional kitchens make the […]

tarte au citron

Tarte Citron

In the high heat of summer, dessert is often limited to frozen novelties.  Bowls of brightly colored sorbet are served alongside elaborate sundaes and chilled dessert soups.  While I love a good frozen confection, I still enjoy a broader menu.  For something different yet still refreshing, why not make a tarte citron your vibrant […]

cherry tart

Summer Cherry Tart

Summertime is in full swing and with it comes delightful stone fruits.  As my tastes have changed throughout my life, I have grown to truly love cherries.  A symbol of summer, cherries are firm, plump, juicy fruits with gorgeous colors and a delicate elegance.  From classic red Bings to yellow-tinted […]