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Savory Kouign Amann

Savory Kouign Amann

Widely credited to the Brittany region of France, Kouign Amann (koo-een ah-mahn) is a flaky concoction of croissant dough layered with sugar and caramelized in a metal mold to develop a satisfyingly sweet crunch reminiscent of a glazed donut.  As usual, I decided to shake things up and make a […]

paris brest


Pastry chefs tend to adopt a favorite shape for their creations. Many love the organic flow of crumbles and foams while other go-to’s include spheres, rectangles, and clean lines. I try to use a variety of forms, but I’m a sucker for rings. Not only do rings evoke both order […]



While exploring the streets of Mexico City I was treated to churros on more than one occasion.  Typically they were stale and soggy, and the cinnamon was more spicy than enticing.  When done right, however, churros can be a delicious and inexpensive crowd-pleaser.