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corn soup

Chilled Corn Soup

To commemorate the end of the summer I like to host a Labor Day dinner that highlights the last of summer’s bounty.  This year’s menu consisted of chilled corn soup, BLTs, crispy french fries, and goat cheese cheesecake.  Summer’s swan song can be sweet!


As I reflect on Thanksgiving this week, I realize that food and the internet have one thing in common: they both bring people together.  They transcend borders, languages, and cultures.  In every society, families and friends gather around the table to celebrate and share; and when loved ones can’t be […]

Crossing Over

Every restaurant has two kitchens. Desserts come from the cold side, where the pace is fast and stress is at it’s peak. A cold side chef must be constantly aware of his movements, unless he wants to be met with disaster when the oven opens an hour later. Cold side […]

Hush Puppies

During the summer, food is just tastier when eaten outdoors.  I can remember all the meals I’ve eaten under a bright canopy of warmth; laughter floating through the air along with gentle breezes.  When it comes to outdoor dining, I tend to stick with a couple of staples: fish is […]


Mexico City Markets

The commotion begins around 4 in the morning.  Trucks are rumbling to a halt outside the window; people are shouting and the clanging of metal echoes through the otherwise empty street.  The bars and restaurants closed only moments before, but the calm is quickly destroyed by the parking of carts […]


Mexico City Street Food

In honor of Nicolas Gilman’s recent article on Mexico City street food, I decided to revisit the blog I guest-wrote for my friend Luke’s blog while I was living in D.F. this summer.  One of my favorite comedians, Jim Gaffigan, makes the joke that all Mexican food is the same […]