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mont blanc

Macaron Mont Blanc

I have seen amazing renditions of the Mont Blanc from many acclaimed chefs.  Claire Clark’s vacherin Mont Blanc and Fracisco Migoya’s more modern take are among my favorites.  But regardless of the presentation, I love the flavor combination of chestnuts, vanilla, and a touch of chocolate.  For a recent truffle tasting […]

Pineapple Empanadas

Everyone loves empanadas.  They are warm, flaky, sweet, salty, and typically filled with greatness.  But, like the dessert pasta, what if we take them in a different direction?  Instead of empanada dough – how about pineapple? Step one: buy really nice, ripe, juicy pineapples.  A good trick to tell is […]

Dessert Pasta

I know it seems a bit out of place.  Dessert pasta?  I love the idea.  Soft, warm, supple pasta with a tender, sweet, rich filling.  It’s the best dessert, and since it’s fresh pasta, it takes only minutes to finish. I like to make mine chocolate; but you could certainly […]