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While it may not rank alongside chocolate chip, peanut butter, or even macarons, snickerdoodles are a crowd favorite.  Recently, fellow sweetsmith Stella Parks and I discussed what makes the ideal snickerdoodle – from its tart, cinnamony taste to the pillowy yet crisp texture.  Here is my version of this popular […]

Oatmeal Cream Pies

My love for macaron has been well-established on this blog, but my obsession extends to all sandwich cookies.  It all started with oatmeal cream pies.  The soft, chewy texture, the earthiness of oats, and the sweetness of milky cream had me hooked for life.   The perfect bite-size addition to your summer […]

French Macaron

Birthday Cake Macaron

I recently celebrated my birthday, and everyone around me went to great lengths to ensure I had a wonderful celebration and received amazing gifts.  While devouring an exquisite birthday cake from Bronwen Weber at Frosted Art Bakery, I started thinking about how I might reimagine a classic all-American celebration cake. […]

Chocolate Macarons

The Modern French Macaron

The French macaron is a true test of a pastry chef’s skills. I had my first French macaron at the birth place, the flagship Laduree in Paris, where the brightly colored rows of almond perfection are truly stunning. One box and my culinary outlook was forever altered. Like most classics, the French macaron […]

thin mints

Homemade Thin Mints

As winter thaws, little parcels of goodness are being distributed to eagerly awaiting customers. I am referring, of course, to delightful packages of Girl Scout Cookies. Everyone has a favorite. My drug of choice is the Thin Mint.  I love crunch of that delicately crispy wafer flavored of not only […]

Gingerbread Cookie

Gingerbread Cookies

The winter season is always busy for pastry people.  We sweetsmiths are constantly asked to create something elegant, nostalgic, fun, and accessible for anyone and everyone.  Then there are all those parties for which you want to take something memorable, but not cumbersome or messy.  Cookies are the perfect people-pleaser that […]