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Buttery Crumb Cake

In an ideal world, I’d make all of my pastries completely from scratch.  I’d craft my own sprinkles for my cupcakes, cultivate natural yeasts for my breads, and churn my own butter.  When practicality makes that impossible, I seek out the best product I can to create superior treats.  Enter […]

carrot cake

Carrot Cake

Easter desserts can be tricky, as many fruits are not yet in season.  So why not take a cue from our favorite bunny and use vegetables instead?  Carrot cake not only pays homage to the holiday, but has the perfect balance of sweet, spicy cake; crunchy carrots or nuts; and, […]

buche de noel

White Chocolate Glaze

I love modern and elegant Buche de Noel displays that capture the imagination.  These little cakes are among my favorite things to see at the holidays.  Their colors and assembly evoke my true passion for pastry.  Sweetsmiths around the world are currently flexing their Buche might, which inspires me to share my […]

battenberg cake

Battenberg Cake

I am constantly inspired by my fellow sweet smiths, but especially impressed during this time of year when chefs work long hours and creativity abounds.  Recently Chef Jennifer Yee posted about her Battenberg cake and it piqued my interest.  As an instructor at a culinary school, I frequently teach classic […]