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Kugelhopf is one of my favorite breads – not only because it’s fun to say, but because of how it’s bold spiral shape contrasts with its delicate texture.  While the cake-like kugelhopf often pops around the fall and winter holidays, the citrus-y flavor of this yeasted, gently sweet dough can […]

English Muffin

English Muffins

Breakfast has always been my favorite meal.  I would love to see a truly epic, Michelin-starred breakfast restaurant elevate our commonplace fare.  Obviously I also have an affinity for baking, so naturally I believe breads and pastry are the cornerstone of any great morning meal.  The best breakfast breads are […]

sandwich bread

Sandwich Bread

Bread is one of those avenues in pastry that’s easy to dabble in and difficult to master.  There are very simple, black-and-white rules about making bread, but the reality lurks in the grey areas where slight changes in humidity or temperature can create different results.  Much like their culinary counterparts, […]

Russian loaf

Russian Loaf

Everyone loves cinnamon rolls.  While I have posted about these gems before, sometimes I get tired of the typical presentation.  I decided to twist it up a bit with a simple Russian loaf. Create a roulade of bread with delicious cinnamon sugar filling, just as you would for a classic cinnamon […]