Gateau Moulin

My pastry training was very classic in nature.  Most of our days were spent constructing cakes from long ago which few have heard of.  I wouldn’t trade that old-fashioned training for anything; from those basics springs modern cuisine.  One traditional dessert that I’m partial to is the Gateau Moulin, or fan cake.  It’s simplicity is offset with unexpected methods of assembly.

Vanilla Gateau Moulin with Caramel Buttercream

This technique lends itself well to the modern diner.  Most people are accustomed to the traditional stacked cake, but coiling the cake upon itself into a giant roulade results in an eye-catching dessert.  Arrange the plaques in a fan pattern to make this the quintessential Gateau Moulin, or use unique flavors and colors to bring it into the future.

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