Russian Loaf

Everyone loves cinnamon rolls.  While I have posted about these gems before, sometimes I get tired of the typical presentation.  I decided to twist it up a bit with a simple Russian loaf.

Russian LoafCreate a roulade of bread with delicious cinnamon sugar filling, just as you would for a classic cinnamon roll.  Gently roll the dough longer and make sure all the layers compress.  Your tube of dough should be at least 1.5 times the length of your baking vessel.  Chill the tube in the freezer for about 10 minutes.

Giving yourself ample space to work, cut the roll in half the long way.  As you dissect the bread, you should see the long strands of cinnamon and sugar running through the inside.  Make sure the long strands are all facing upward.  Twist the two pieces together, always ensuring the cinnamon is facing upward.  To do this use very exaggerated movements and keep the dough loose as it crosses over the other dough.  Once the dough is fully twisted over and under itself, cut any excess off, tuck the edges under gently, and place into the desired pan.  Let the dough fully proof in a moist environment and bake at 350F until the loaf is rich brown and baked through.

The huge perk to this shape of cinnamon bread is that there is more of that tender center everyone loves.  To further enhance the bread’s appearance, brush thick icing over the still hot bread so that it melts down the sides.  Top with sliced toasted almonds for a new approach to a favorite treat.


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