Star Chefs Pastry Competition 2

Matcha Madeleine, Coconut Creme, Guava Gelee, White Chocolate, and Matcha Macaron

Matcha Madeleine, Coconut Creme, Guava Gelee, White Chocolate, and Matcha Macaron

Everyone loves to watch food competitions these days.  Some lucky competitors stun and delight while others  barely escape with their dignity intact.  Having competed several times now I know that the best laid plans go awry once the clock starts ticking.  There are always obstacles – appliances that don’t work or ingredients that don’t arrive.  No matter how talented you are, it’s difficult to prove how you rank when you don’t have access to the tools you work with everyday.

Competition isn’t so much about talent as it is about flexibility.  

I was recently honored to be part of the 4th Annual International Pastry Competition, where every one of the competitors did a fantastic job.  I was amazed by the skill of my fellow chefs and hope to see them again soon.   During competition you get an intimate look at the work of a fellow craftsman (or craftswoman).  You get to see how they process information and how their hands communicate with their ingredients; you really get to know the genius behind the food.

Many people ask why I keep competing when I never win.  While I hate losing, I still love competing.  Competition shows me where I stand on that day under those circumstances, and gives me the opportunity to meet and learn from extraordinary chefs.  I want to personally thank my 19 fellow competitors for letting me get to know them and  their work.  I have no doubt most of our paths will cross again and again.

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About Joe the Baker

Joe the Baker is a classically-trained pastry chef who specializes in French macarons and viennoiserie. He currently sells his delicious confections online, at the Coppell Farmers Market, and at DFW-area gourmet grocers.

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2 thoughts on “Star Chefs Pastry Competition

  • thesugarchef

    Your plates stood out because they weren’t as deconstructed as the other plates, a trend that everyone seems to be replicating these days. That’s a good thing. Don’t lose that edge.

  • John Baker

    Don’t think of it as “losing”, as each competition hones your skills as you refine your plan on the fly due to the mentioned circumstances. Throw in the stress of competing and it’s a testament to your skills and creativity to produce something worth judging. I can’t imagine how anyone competing can be considered a loser whether or not they actually finish on top. I see your plates as complete ideas and something I can relax and enjoy instead of eating a spoonful of five parts to get the sensation. As a customer I don’t want to think about my desert or try to figure out what it is, I just want simply beautiful treats that excite the palate and you always provide that.