Key Lime Pie

This time of year I crave something more vibrant than the typical chocolate indulgence; perhaps something tangy, sweet, and slightly bitter to stimulate my senses. As Key lime pie is the perfect solution. This dessert tends to be heavy and overly sweet, so I like to keep mine as straightforward as possible – sharp, tart flavors paired with smooth white chocolate.

Key Lime Curd
275 grams key lime juice
275 grams sugar
275 grams whole eggs
2 grams agar (optional)
350 grams butter

Cook the first four ingredients together until boiling. Be sure to whisk constantly to avoid curdling. Remove from heat and blend with the butter to create a uniform emulsion. Strain into a new container and chill until ready to use.

Key Lime Curd, Graham and Fleur de Sel Crumble, White Chocolate Ribbon, Wild Violets

One bite will transport you to to a world with balmy days with cool breezes. Enjoy!

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